Promoting an AI supported eco-activism in the Western Balkans

Проект: „Promoting an AI supported eco-activism in the Western Balkans

The aim of the project is to organize a workshop for promoting an AI supported eco-activism among environmental NGOs in the Western Balkan countries.

This action will improve the adoption of IT tools based on artificial intelligence in the domain of the eco-activism. Тhe current state of the art in the environmental protection in Western Balkan countries lacks the application of the up to date and the most efficient technologies. Hence, the action will raise the awareness among the eco-activists in the region about the benefits from using the artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the activity will contribute to creation of national maps of dumps in the Western Balkan countries that will be crowdsourced and updated in real time. These maps can provide useful information about the location, size and composition of dumps for the local/national authorities and will help them to take further steps in the identification of committers and adequate handling of the waste.

The project is funded by the Central European Initiative (CEI) in cooperation with Quantum AI Foundation from Poland.