Bird’s Perspective from Balkan Clean Sky

Проект: „Bird’s Perspective from Balkan Clean Sky“

The project “Bird’s Perspective from Balkan Clean Sky” aimed to promote and brand the gliding sport, to enhance interest in this sport, especially among young people and to increase Aero Clubs membership. The project additionally focused on aero pollution in order to raise public awareness and understanding of this problem that affects Balkan countries terrifically. The realized activities contributed to all, raising the awareness and knowledge of aero pollution and promotion of gliding, with emphasis on the benefits from the clean air and clean nature and environment and healthy living through practicing sports. The wider impact included possibility for touristic promotion of the gliding and touristic development.

Overall objective:  To promote and brand the gliding sport, enhance interest of young people in the sport and to increase Aero Clubs membership.Specific objectives:

  • to raise awareness about air pollution, especially among young people and raising the awareness of the benefits of clear air and nature;  
  • to promote sportive activities, as a healthy way of living and its benefits for the young people;
  • to establish closer cooperation between the Aero clubs from the three countries (North Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia); thus, enhancing the cultural dialogue and understanding through finding solutions for common problems, air pollution and common interest in health and sports.  

The project is funded by the Western Balkans Fund.